Here at UK DEV we are more than just an IT firm, with experts in every area of information communication technology we can offer the complete service.

Website Design
Designing a website is both a creative and technical exercise. Here at UK DEV we pioneer solutions which make sure that our clients are able to publish and maintain their online content in a visually appealing way, which is a pleasure for visitors to use.

At the heart of any website created by UK DEV is our industry-leading content management system (or CRM for short). This system allows our customers to control their own websites by making sure all their online information is easy to update. This includes:

  • Web Pages - Everything from information pages to forms that collect customers' details for quotes can be modified and customised.
  • Photo Galleries - Unlimited galleries can be uploaded and maintained for visitors to enjoy and explore.
  • Product Catalog - Companies wanting to advertise their stock online can create fully-searchable online catalogs.

More details about this software is available on our content management system webpage .

On-top of the content maintained by the content management system is the bespoke design of our customers website. This is the creative aspect of our job, where we can create a website based on an existing website, the company letterhead or "from scratch". Every step of the way our experienced designers are able to offer you several options, and explain the merits and drawbacks of each.

Whether you have a clear idea of the design you would like, or if you would prefer to have our designers provide original ideas, we're happy to create a design, and keep working with it until it is perfect. The work we carry out on our clients websites is included in our portfolio of work. This means we are passionate about each and every website we make.
Case Studies
Lesters Farm Machinery

Case Study Thumbnail The Lesters Farm Machinery's website was maintained by a local business, who ceased trading with little notice. Leaving them with two options: take out a new maintenance contract or produce a new website which they could update themselves.

In only a few weeks we produced a brand new website which the Lesters Farm Machinery team could maintain themselves.

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Durham Anglican Cursillo

Case Study Thumbnail The Durham Anglican Cursillo is a small church group and charity, who wanted to publish a website for a special event they were hosting. UK DEV was briefed that the group needed a very simple and easy-to-navigate system that would be usable by IT novices.

UK DEV had to work to short time-scales to ensure that this website was launched in advance of the event itself.

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Paul Bennett Online

Case Study Thumbnail Paul Bennett, an antique silver company was an existing customer of UK DEV. They had previously taken out a contract for UK DEV to maintain their existing website.

The team at Paul Bennett decided to invest in a website they could maintain themselves.UK DEV produced a brand-new website which now drives their online-sales outlet.

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Web Hosting

Hosting a website makes it accessible to the world-wide-web. This includes the website itself, e-mail services and places to share files with colleagues, clients and suppliers. read more ->

Software Customisation

Whatever your business there is usually an off-the-shelf software package which fits the majority of your business needs.

However, as your business expands the small gaps in this business-fit grow. UK DEV is able to expand the functionality of your existing software to meet your requirements. read more ->

Software Development

Sometimes there is not a software package available which fits your business' needs. In these cases a bespoke solution can be designed and created by UK DEV. read more ->


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