Here at UK DEV we are more than just an IT firm, with experts in every area of information communication technology we can offer the complete service.

Website Hosting
To allow people to find your newly designed website, you need to make it accessible to the world wide web. This uses something called a hosting package, this includes:

  • Website Housing - The ability to show your website to visitors on the word wide web.
  • Domain Name - The address people type-in to visit your website, for example:
  • E-Mail Services - Provide e-mail accounts and mailing lists for our clients' employees
  • File Sharing - Do you want to share files between employees or with customers? You can upload files to your web hosting account and send links to your customers.

We strive to continuously improve the UK DEV hosting platform with more functionality and increasing availability, ensuring we can continue to offer an industry-leading solution.

Typically your first years' hosting is included with your website design with UK DEV. However, if you have a website that you would like to transfer to our services, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Portfolio + Case Studies
It is difficult to show examples of our web hosting. However, because we strive to provide transparency in our business and like to reassure clients with examples of our work, the following websites are examples of web hosting at UK DEV.

These accounts provide customers with website housing, e-mail services and file-sharing capabilities:
Portfolio Thumbnail
Portfolio Thumbnail
Portfolio Thumbnail
Portfolio Thumbnail
Website Design

Designing a website is both a creative and technical exercise. Our experienced designers are here to translate your ideas into results.

We offer a wide-range of website design services: from-scratch design, existing website maintenance, website-redesign and website profitisation. read more ->

Software Customisation

Whatever your business there is usually an off-the-shelf software package which fits the majority of your business needs.

However, as your business expands the small gaps in this business-fit grow. UK DEV is able to expand the functionality of your existing software to meet your requirements. read more ->

Software Development

Sometimes there is not a software package available which fits your business' needs. In these cases a bespoke solution can be designed and created by UK DEV. read more ->
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