Can't find what you're looking for? These services are only a sample of the ICT work we carry out. To discuss your requirements contact us directly to speak to one of our consultants.

Website Design

Designing a website is both a creative and technical exercise. Our experienced designers are here to translate your ideas into results.

We offer a wide-range of website design services: from-scratch design, existing website maintenance, website-redesign and website profitisation. read more ->

Web Hosting

Hosting a website makes it accessible to the world-wide-web. This includes the website itself, e-mail services and places to share files with colleagues, clients and suppliers. read more ->

Software Customisation

Whatever your business there is usually an off-the-shelf software package which fits the majority of your business needs.

However, as your business expands the small gaps in this business-fit grow. UK DEV is able to expand the functionality of your existing software to meet your requirements. read more ->

Software Development

Sometimes there is not a software package available which fits your business' needs. In these cases a bespoke solution can be designed and created by UK DEV. read more ->
About Our Services

At the heart of any ICT service offered by UK DEV is a strong business acumen. Only by understanding the way that businesses work, our clients' industries and their contribution to their marketplace can we make decisions which have a real "business-fit".

At UK DEV we are qualified and experienced in almost all fields of Information Communication Technology. However, we specialise in the following fields: website design, web hosting, software customisation and software development. A brief introduction to each of these areas is available in the sidebar (to the left).

Here at UK DEV we are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to all their ICT needs. Therefore, if you would like information about a product or service not listed on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the UK DEV team to discuss your needs using the contact us page.

Frequent Projects
Besides our key business areas, we also offer a wide-range of ICT solutions and knowledge. We like to think of ourselves as a primary resource for all our clients' Information and Communication Technology needs. The following are just a sample of the additional work we engage with for our clients:
Data Entry / Analysis Many firms do not have the time or expertise to collect and analyse data from customers and questionnaires. We are able to take your paper and electronic records and enter them into a database, and create reports based on your needs.

Project Recovery Some of our clients have engaged in ICT projects without the relevant expertise or knowledge, often leading to poor sourcing of suppliers. We are able to take of such projects and act as the primary supplier.
Pre-Sales Advice Some clients occasionally prefer to source their products direct from suppliers. In these cases we are happy to advise and consult to ensure that the products ordered are the "correct fit" for the business need.

Systems / Networking We are able to supply, configure and fit computer systems intended for small & medium sized offices. This includes everything from the servers & workstations to the cabling, trunking & telephones.
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