Client Case Studies are examples of our work with previous clients, which will give you an idea of the kind of work that we are able to carry out. Written references are also available on request.

Portfolios + Case Studies
The website design and software development industries produce products which become a portfolio we present to potential clients. Therefore keeping our work to the highest quality not only keeps our current clients satisfied, but guarantees new clients.

Below are some samples of the work that we have carried out for our clients. More details can be obtained on request, including written references from customers.
Website Design
  • Lesters Farm Machinery - Mr. Lester's existing website was maintained by a firm who ceased trading. UK DEV replaced this old website with a new solution Mr. Lester could update himself. Read case study »
  • Durham Anglican Cursillo - A small charity who wanted to promote a national event they were holding, which required a simple information website. This work was carried out under the community outreach plan. Read case study »
  • Paul Bennett Online - UK DEV maintained the Paul Bennet Antique Silver website for may years. The team decided they wanted to take control of the website themselves, so UK DEV provided them with a new solution. Read case study »
  • James Baldwin Antiques - A website centred around an online stock gallery, exhibiting the fine silver they stock. Visit Website
  • JMW Motor Sport - A information website for a local small rally team, sponsored by UK DEV. Visit Website
  • The Reception Desk - A replacement website with a modern look and feel, to provide information on their products. Visit Website
  • Agri-Land Machinery - A simple website for a company which sells agricultural machinery. Visit Website
Web Hosting
It is difficult to show examples of our web hosting. However, because we strive to provide transparency in our business and like to reassure clients with examples of our work, the following websites are examples of web hosting at UK DEV.

Software Customisation
  • James Baldwin Antiques: eBay Contact Manager - The firm are bound by law to keep records of customers who purchase high-value products. UK DEV wrote an application to automatically record the details of the eBay customers who purchased high-value items. Read case study »
  • The Reception Desk: End-Of-Day Reporting - The Reception Desk takes messages for their customers throughout the day, and passes on the alerts to customers. At the end of the day these alerts are summarised in a report. Read case study »
Software Development
  • Axiom Business Systems: Telephone Billing Platform - Axiom Business Systems is a telecoms firm who provide telephone lines and hardware for clients. Every month they receive large data files from their suppliers detailing every phone call made by these clients. Read case study »
  • UK DEV Limited: Content Management System - The UK DEV contact management system, which allows our clients to update and maintain their websites, was built internally here at UK DEV and is a brilliant example of our software development. This makes maintaining a website child's play for our clients, ensuring they can free-up their time to focus on generating new business. Read case study »
Website Design

Designing a website is both a creative and technical exercise. Our experienced designers are here to translate your ideas into results.

We offer a wide-range of website design services: from-scratch design, existing website maintenance, website-redesign and website profitisation. read more ->

Web Hosting

Hosting a website makes it accessible to the world-wide-web. This includes the website itself, e-mail services and places to share files with colleagues, clients and suppliers. read more ->

Software Customisation

Whatever your business there is usually an off-the-shelf software package which fits the majority of your business needs.

However, as your business expands the small gaps in this business-fit grow. UK DEV is able to expand the functionality of your existing software to meet your requirements. read more ->

Software Development

Sometimes there is not a software package available which fits your business' needs. In these cases a bespoke solution can be designed and created by UK DEV. read more ->
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