Although we advertise specific services on our website, here at UK DEV we pride ourselves on our agility, allowing us to respond to the exact needs of each individual client.

Shortly About Us

UK DEV Limited was founded in 2005, the product of a young Software Developer and an experienced ICT Project Manager and Telecommunications Consultant.

This combination of skills lended itself naturally to a firm which could offer a wide magnitude of ICT solutions. These opportunities have only grown over the last few years after our staff have become further experienced and trained.

Since its incorporation UK DEV has enjoyed steady growth, working mainly with 'Small-to-Medium Enterprises' (SMEs), Non-Profit Organisations and Charities from both the UK and abroad. The company is still owned by its original founders, and looks forward to an equally successful future.
Company Profile
Here at UK DEV we put our clients' first, only by adopting their goals can we strive to provide an industry leading, tailored solution.

We do not believe in making a quick buck, instead we devote time, attention and our eye for perfection to each and every project we work on. This means that as our clients grow, we can continue to support them and their evolving needs.

This level of collaboration requires both parties to work seamlessly, which requires an open an honest relationship. You can find out more about us on our profile page.
Why Choose Us
  1. Client Focus - Focusing on our customers' outlooks allows us to gain a unique perspective of their business and industry.
  2. Wealth of Experience - Although UK DEV is a relatively young firm, we bring together world-class experts with decades of experience in their field.
  3. Total Package - Rather than unilaterally focusing on one product or service at UK DEV we provide advice and solutions to all your ICT needs.
  4. Business Perspective - Although our consultants come with a plethora of ICT qualifications, we are business people first, IT specialists second.
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